About Infinite Musician

The "Who"

From the moment I picked up the saxophone in middle school, I was hooked. I was lucky enough to go on to a high school with one of the best music programs in the country and from there, to the renowned jazz studies program at William Paterson College where legendary bassist, Rufus Reid and the brilliant saxophonist and educator, David Demsey were heading up the jazz studies program.

Fast forward to some years after graduating music school to my first foray into the world of providing online content for musicians, Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever. (a website who's name I've stood by since I launched it in 2010), I decided to start creating courses for musicians who wanted to dive deeper into the topics covered on my saxophone-centered website.

The "Why"

Over the course of my music studies, taking countless private lessons and attending many master classes, those teachers who left the biggest impression were not necessarily the most famous musicians, but rather, the ones who knew how to communicate their ideas in a way that even someone with a limited attention span such as myself could truly digest and apply to their playing. I remember the feeling of walking away from a lesson a different musician than I was coming in, and that feeling has been my guiding principle when it comes to being of service to my fellow musicians.

Although I have done a good deal of professional playing and touring myself, I saw that my main strength was "behind the scenes" as a publisher. My vision has always been to create the sort of courses that I would have died to take when I was coming up.

The "What"

To that end, the courses you'll find here are likely to be quite different from the courses you'll find elsewhere. For example, rather than offering, say, a general "how to play jazz saxophone"-type of course, we'll do a course on saxophone technique based on patterns that you can use as a basis for improvisational vocabulary.

Thanks to my decades-long experience of being involved in music, as well as the feedback I get constantly from the tens of thousands of people who visit BestSaxophoneWebsiteEver.com each month, I've made it my business to identify those specific areas of playing that keep us up at night (or at least, leave us frustrated on a regular basis). Once those mission-critical but troubling areas are addressed, then you end up with a new freedom and joy in your musical journey that affects not only you, but also those who get to play with and listen to you.

So with that, I thank you for visiting InfiniteMusician.com, and look forward to playing a part in helping you discover the musical genius that I believe everyone has inside of them.

Doron Orenstein

Founder of InfiniteMusician.com